Truth Or Dare — Party Game App Reviews

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Kill me

I would totally give this a five star but when i downloaded this it immediately gave me the screen of Free trial. I said lets play and put miss opportunity but it wont let me leave the free trial page! Where is the x button?

Won’t let me play

A pop-up comes up when I open the app saying free trial for a week but there’s no “X” so I can’t click out of it and I’m just trying to play the free game but it won’t let me

Content and stereotypes

The app is easy to use and functions well enough but the assumption that all users are heterosexual is problematic I.e. a dare that invited players to “kiss someone of the opposite gender.” Also, “what celebrity would you go gay for” promotes the dangerous myth that being “gay” is somehow a choice. Also, many prompts are overtly sexual and inappropriate for 13 year olds.

Truth or dare

Nice game i liked


this stupid app made me pay without my concern I didn’t do anything and it still bought it now I have to pay $5 every week for a game I don’t even own. Don't buy very stupid!!!!!😡😡😡😡


Yesss with friends !!!! YASSSS REALLY FUNNN ESPECIALLY AT PARTIES 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾. Play with boys and girls . TOTAL. FUN.







Very good app

Used for a little and is very fun

Great app

I love this app it's great because I can play with my friends and not waste Tim figuring out what to say.

Great fo sho

Totally wasn’t forced to do this

Just Way too Expensive

I like it but..100 coins??? I see so much distaste

It’s okay I guess


Truth or Dare

Best game ever it's so fun a I'm doing this all for coins


Ineedthemsweetsweetcoinsyo shahebskdneixneosneih


It was awesome


Fun game

party game app

such a fun app! i play it all the time with friends

It was fun but...

The game said after three dares it said I needed to pay money and needed to do t or I can’t play at all it was stupid


It’s good



Love it!great quality

Great app although some adds

For the coins

Ten coins to do so 💰



Great game

I love this game

Love it

Not just the dares or the truths but how it has gifs if you don’t know how to do it


This is very lit nice

Why waste money on this ?

This might be an okay app if you’re bored with your friend but why waste money when you literally can do what this app if offering for free? Like you don’t need the app to ask your friends questions that are personal or give them messed up dares. Why would anyone would spend money on this is almost as puzzling as someone thinking it was a good idea to charge any amount for in app purchases.


This is so fun

The best game ever

Good quality best game ever totally worth to download it

Here come that Fellow

Its Wednesday my chaps. My goddess how do you do.


Just ding this to get stars lol





Waste of money

Bought the 1.99 version to unlock the extreme dares and there were only about 8 that repeated, and they weren’t even extreme. Terrible purchase, want my money back.

Decent game

Wish there was an easier way to get coins



Luv game

I love it



It’s a great game

It’s a good game to play with your friends






It’s a fun thing to do when you have people over

Doing this for coins

I want coins


It is ok I wish that when u do one of the things to get free coins !

for the coins

10 coins 🤷‍♂️


Yeah it’s cool but I wish we had more hem things but it’s a fun game awesome got partues

The best

Me and my friends are having so much fun

Aubrey j


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